Reunion Pictures

Sharing Reunion Images

The Reunion Committee encourages you to share with us classmates the images that you capture during
the reunion weekend. We subscribe to a photo sharing web service, PhotoBucket, where you can easily
upload all your images. These images will be transferred to our website for your viewing pleasure and
long-term storage after the reunion concludes. You are welcome to add images to our class Facebook
page but please also upload them to this website.


Login Information
Username: lhs72com
Password: [The password is our class motto, all lower case letters with underscores between the words and a “g” on the end. Here is an example, just use the correct words: this_is_sample]

It is easy to upload images.
1) Log into the PhotoBucket website.
2) Click on the folder associated with the images you will upload.
3) Select “Upload”.
4) The images will be added to the folder you selected.
5) Identify who is in the image and where it was taken, please.

Classmate Mike Conroy’s sister Trish will be at the reunion and picnic taking photos as well. These will
be added to the website for classmates to enjoy and download and will also be added to our image
collection on the website.

Other Images
You can upload images from our school days (kindergarten through Grade 12) and images since high
school that you would like to add to our collection of images already on the website.